Grandparents desperate to see their grandkids wrapped themselves in plastic so they could hug them during lockdown – The Sun

TWO grandparents were so desperate to see their grandkids during the coronavirus lockdown they wrapped themselves in plastic.

Darrian Kobe filmed the moments her parents showed up at her door dressed in trash bags and scuba diving gear for a cuddle with her children.

“So yesterday there was a knock on our door and lo and behold they’d covered themselves in plastic and snorkels,” Darrian, from Ventura, California, told ABC7.

“They came upstairs and it was quite shocking. It was like ‘what is going on right now, who are these aliens walking up my stairs.”

Video shows the strange sight of the grandparents on the stairs, their faces blurred beneath the plastic.

The grandparents sealed themselves off with the plastic bags, using blue electrical tape to stick the different pieces of plastic together.

Each had a snorkel to ensure they could still breathe under the sheeting.

Her mother said: ‘“Seeing them from afar, I kept telling Darrian that I just have to hug ’em.”

Darrian’s dad explained the couple weren’t allowed to see their three grandsons over fears the kid could give them coronavirus.

“They wouldn’t let us because they were worried about is getting Covid,” he said.

But it was worth going to the effort, he said, to get “one of best hugs ever”.

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