Lady Bathurst blasts 'twerps' who stole 20 CANNONBALLS

‘Some little twerps nicked TWENTY CANNONONBALLS from our private garden!’: Lady Sara Bathurst takes to Twitter to fume over theft from her Cotswolds mansion

  • The cannonballs were stolen from the grounds of her mansion in Cirencester
  • Lady Sara Bathurst said she was ‘not amused’ in an angry post on social media 
  • Last October, the Countess caught a 20-year-old burglar inside her mansion

Cotswold aristocrat Lady Sara Bathurst has blasted the ‘little twerps’ who stole 20 Cannonballs from the grounds of her mansion in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Lady Bathurst took to social media to appeal for information and condemn the thieves.

The 55-year-old Countess wrote on Twitter: ‘Some little twerp(s) nicked our (20) cannonballs from our private garden.

Twenty Cannonballs were taken from the grounds of Lady Sara Bathurst’s mansion

Former High Sheriff took to Twitter to fume at the ‘little twerps’ who stole the cannonballs

‘I’m understandably not amused. It’s not only theft, but a violation of our privacy and security.

‘Cannonballs can be replaced, ones sense of safety cannot. If anyone knows anything, do get in touch? Thanks.’

It is not the first brush with crime for Countess Bathurst – wife of Lord Allen Bathurst – who is a champion of the forces of law and order and served as High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, in 2016-2017.  

Last October the dog and horse loving countess came face to face with 20-year-old burglar Thomas Tricket hiding behind the curtains in her Cirencester Park mansion home and grabbed hold of him before marching him into her kitchen and calling the police. 

Gloucestershire Constabulary’s rural crime team has also tweeted about ‘a load of balls’ and is asking anyone with information to call 101 and speak to PC Weller.

‘A load of balls. Have you been offered any? Cannon balls stolen from the Cotswolds. Call 101 with any info to PC Weller,’ says their tweet.

Cotswold aristocrat resides in a mansion in Gloucestershire with husband Lord Allen Bathurst

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