Man Utd security guard yells 'I'm happy for this, I hate the f*****s' as fans storm Old Trafford

A SECURITY guard yelled “I’m happy for this – I hate the f***ers” as fans stormed Old Trafford during Sunday's protest.

Thousands of Manchester United fans descended on the stadium in a demonstration against the club's Glazer brother owners.

Fans on a video posted on social media could be heard accusing workers of opening the gate to allow fans access to the pitch, which caused the club’s game against Liverpool to be postponed.

One fan said: “You’ve opened the door.”

The man, who was wearing an orange hi-vis jacket with the words “event supervisor” for the Controlled Solutions Group on it, responded: “Not me Sir. I’m happy for this – I hate the f***ers”.

The breach is understood to have occurred after fans got into the Munich tunnel and forced open an access door.

United bosses are understood to have told stewards to adopt a non-confrontational approach.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust suggested on Sunday that a “gate was opened for fans”.

But United denied this the following day, saying: "After breaking through barriers and security on the forecourt, some protesters climbed the gates at the end of the Munich tunnel, then forced access to a side door in the stand, before opening an external door that let others through to the concourse area and the pitch.

"A second breach occurred when a protester smashed the door of a disability access lift, enabling a group to enter the stand."

Several police officers were injured as fans and cops clashed outside the stadium.

Greater Manchester Police also announced an investigation into footage which apparently showed a man being punched during the protest.

The 28-year-old was arrested as 200 fans blocked the entrance to the Lowry Hotel, Manchester, on Sunday, where the team was staying.

His partner says he has cracked ribs and had to go to hospital before being interviewed.

She told the Manchester Evening News: "I've been ringing [the non-emergency police number] 101 since 6pm yesterday and they couldn't tell me anything except he was in a police station in Pendleton.

"Then today they said he was in hospital but they couldn't tell me why or which hospital.

"I got a call from him at 12.50pm and he said he was going in to be interviewed [by police].

"They've broken his jaw and fractured his ribs.

"It's absolutely disgusting – they didn't need to punch him the way they've done."

CSG have been contacted for comment. Utd did not wish to comment.

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