Metal rod removed from man's head after building site accident as doctors save his life with 10-hour surgery

A MAN whose life was saved by surgeons after he was left with a metal rod sticking through his head has revealed he felt "no pain at all" during the horror accident.

Kamel Abdel Rahman was visiting a flat he is building for his family when he fell two storeys onto the iron rod which then speared right through his skull.

Shocking scan images show how the spike pierced the 46-year-old's eye socket before  shattering his jaw bone.

However, despite his shocking injuries he insists it didn't hurt a bit.

He told the Jerusalem Post: "I couldn't move, so I called for help – I was shouting. I was conscious and I did not feel any pain at all. I do not know how to explain it."

His horrified family feared the worse when they witnessed what had happened.

“I saw the expression on their faces, the shock, and I heard them screaming,” Kamel revealed. “I knew the situation must be serious.”

Kamel was rushed to Hadassah Medical Center in east Jerusalem where he was met by neurologist Dr Samuel Moscovici.

“When I got to the trauma room, I saw a man with an iron rod though his head – it just went through, one side to the other,” the medic said.

“After we ensured the patient was breathing, we conducted various imaging tests to find out where the rod was positioned, what it had hit and whether it could be removed.”

Scans showed the iron bar had amazingly passed between the two important arteries which supply blood to the brain.
However, removing the bar during the 10-hour surgery was highly dangerous as one slip could have meant sudden death.

“For many hours, we analysed the wound, and we took the rod out of his head very carefully,” Dr Moscovici revealed.

Kamel later underwent a second operation to repaired a leakage of fluid from Kamel's brain and sealed his skull with fat taken from his abdomen.

“After surgery we were optimistic, but we did not know the level of injury or how the patient would wake up," said Dr Moscovici .

“You could certainly say he was the patient that every surgeon dreams about,” he added.

After being released from hospital Kamel was quick to praise those who had saved his life.

He told the Post: "They saved my ability to speak and walk. They saved my life."

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