Mum feared her daughter, 2, was choking to death after pub served extra hot sauce on pasta

A MUM feared her two-year-old daughter was choking to death when served extra hot sauce on her pasta in a pub.

Chanell Palmer said Haría started screaming, coughing uncontrollably and turned bright red.

The mum-of-two said: “We jumped up thinking she was choking.

"My mum tried the sauce and her mouth was on fire.”

Chanell was given a £20 gift card — but wants assurances it will not happen to another child.

She said: “Staff said they’d just got the sauces mixed up, it was an accident and they were sorry.

“But when I asked how this could happen, it turned out the sauces were stored side-by-side in the same containers.”

The Sherwood pub in Sheffield said: “We are investigating.”

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