My son, 6, went back to school after being off with Covid – but they punished him as other kids watched Xmas film

AN OUTRAGED mum has blasted her son's school after he was made to sit in a separate class and work while his pals watched a film because he had been forced to take time off with Covid.

Gemma Mackenzie says little Odin, six, was "punished for something not in his control" after he was excluded from the end-of-term treat by Fowey Primary School in Cornwall.

The youngster had to take days off to be in mandatory self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus – but his mum says was penalised for doing so.

Staff at the school operate a points system, with children being rewarded for good behaviour, quality of work and attendance level.

Gemma says she was fuming when Odin came home and told her he'd been sent to a different class to write while his friends got to enjoy a festive film, reports CornwallLive.

She was told by her son's teachers that he hadn't got enough points to be included because of absence.

"The majority of his absence has been when he's needed to take a PCR test or the time he was off ill due to catching Covid," the upset mum told the outlet.

"Outside of that, there were one or two days this term where he had other illnesses.

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"He came home from school, said he didn't get enough stars to watch the film and had been sent to one of the lower classes to do some writing.

"I don't understand why Odin is being punished for something that's not in his control.

"He's a good kid, not a naughty boy, he never comes home with messages saying he's been bad or anything and he's been punished for not being able to go to school for something that wasn't his fault – catching the coronavirus."

Gemma contacted the school to question why her son had been booted out of his class and was told he simply hadn't got enough stars.

An email to the mum said: "Unfortunately, Odin did not get quite enough points due to his absence which I understand is disappointing for him.

"Our chart also accounts for improvements made and efforts towards learning.

"This new system is the same throughout the school at the moment and is currently being reviewed and I will pass your comments on to senior leadership."

Gemma has slammed the school's point system, branding it "crazy" as she says the situation has left her feeling "angry and upset".


"I sent a reply to the school after that email asking how on earth they could take his absences into consideration for this, given he was not allowed to come to school because of the coronavirus isolation and never received a reply," she added.

"What example is the points system setting to children? It's absolutely crazy.

"I'm really angry, frustrated and upset and they had the nerve to say he was excluded from the treat for his absences when they know full well why he was off school."

Fowey Primary School declined to comment on Odin being left out, but said "every pupil gets equal opportunities to gain these points and associated rewards".

A spokesman added: "At Fowey Primary, we operate a point-based reward scheme across the whole school that looks holistically at a number of areas including behaviour and attitude.

"Points are awarded by staff and those pupils that reach the target at the end of each term are given a reward.

"We work collaboratively with parents and carers and are always happy to discuss any concerns they have."

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