NYC man accused of attacking woman with feces back in jail after latest arrest

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The man accused of smearing feces on a New York City subway rider and released from custody is back behind bars after allegedly throwing a dumbbell through the window of a storage facility in Harlem. 

Frank Abrokwa, 37, was jailed after an arraignment Monday connected to an incident where he allegedly shattered a glass window with a dumbbell at the Treasure Island Storage Facility in Harlem on Friday night. 

“I want my refund. I’m leaving Monday that is why I broke the glass,” Abrokwa told an employee of the storage facility as the staffer cleaned up the broken glass, the New York Post reported

Abrokwa returned to Treasure Island on Saturday at about 3:30 p.m. and warned: “If I don’t get my refund by Monday, I’m gonna come back here and catch a felony,” according to the complaint. 

Image from NYPD shows suspect accused of smearing feces on woman’s face after she turned him down, Feb. 21, 2022

He was arrested on criminal mischief and harassment charges. A judge on Monday set his bail at $5,000.

Abrokwa has a rap sheet going back to 1999, sources told the New York Post. Last month, Abrokwa was arrested for allegedly smearing feces on a woman’s head on the subway in the Bronx. 

“Hey, mami, hey, mami, why don’t you talk to me?” he allegedly said to the woman before defecating in a bag and attacking the woman.

He was released without bail and bragged about it in a video he posted to Facebook.

“That feces scenario should keep every female in their right mind away from me,” Abrokwa said in the Facebook post. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams took aim at the state’s bail reform laws shortly after Abrokwa was released in the feces incident. In 2019, New York lawmakers passed sweeping changes to the state’s bail laws that restrict crimes where judges can set bail. 

“This individual should not be out on the streets of New York and his release shows the scope of changes that we need to make in order to keep New Yorkers safe,” Adams said. 

Eric Adams speaks during a Feb. 15, 2022, press conference (YouTube/ New York City)
(YouTube/ New York City)

“It is the result of a failed mental health system, a failed housing and support system, and failing criminal justice laws that allow someone with a history of violence who poses a clear threat to public safety to just walk out of court.”

Abrokwa was also brought before a judge shortly after the feces incident for allegedly spitting on a Jewish man in Brooklyn back in September and chasing him down the street. 

NYPD officers wear masks in Times Square. 
(Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

“Come here, you f—king Jew, I am going to kill you,” he said in that incident, according to a criminal complaint

He was let go on supervised release in that case due to the state’s bail reform laws. 

Abrokwa is due back in court April 11 for the dumbbell incident.

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