Prince Harry 'paid £30,000 for private jet to Balmoral day Queen died'

Prince Harry ‘chartered £30,000 private jet to fly to Balmoral on day Queen died’ as it is claimed he learned of monarch’s death from online breaking news announcement

  • Harry and Meghan were in the UK by coincidence when the Queen passed away
  • The prince did not join other royals as they flew to Balmoral to see the Queen
  • King Charles reportedly made it clear Meghan Markle could not join at Balmoral
  • Reports say Harry found out about the Queen’s death on his phone on the plane 

Prince Harry paid £30,000 for a private jet to reach Balmoral on the day the Queen died before finding out about her death from a news app on his phone just minutes before he landed, it has been reported.

Harry and Meghan were in the UK by coincidence when news about the Queen’s failing health started to emerge.

King Charles and Princess Anne were with the Queen at Balmoral, while Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Edward were rushed to Aberdeen airport on a royal plane.

Harry, no longer a working royal since moving to California with Meghan, spoke to King Charles who reportedly made it ‘very clear’ that Meghan Markle was not welcome, reports say.

Britain’s new King phoned his youngest son and told him it was ‘not appropriate’ for the former Suits actress to be there, according to reports, much to Harry’s frustration. 

It is also claimed that in the ensuing row, during which Harry fought to persuade his father to allow Meghan to come with him, he missed a flight carrying William and their uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland – and with it the chance to bid farewell. 

Pictured: The Duke of Sussex looks sombre while travelling from Aberdeen to Balmoral on the day of the Queen’s death

Harry was reportedly so furious after the row that he ate dinner with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward afterwards, instead of his brother and father. Pictured: The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, and Earl and Countess of Wessex, arrive at Balmoral after the Queen’s death

A private plane was then charted to get Harry to Balmoral as quickly as possible to join the rest of the Royal Family. 

Although initial reports suggested Harry found out about the Queen’s death through a phone call from his father, The Telegraph has reported the call never made it through.

King Charles tried repeatedly to reach Harry, who knew he was trying to get in touch with him, but was not able to speak to his son before the Queen died.

Instead, Harry heard of Her Majesty’s passing on a breaking news notification on his phone.

However, palace sources have insisted the official announcement ‘was not made until all family members had been informed’. 

A source said: ‘The official announcement was delayed until after everybody had been told,’ a source said. 

Prince Harry at Aberdeen International airport following the Queen’s death at Balmoral 

Harry returned to wife Meghan after joining the Royal Family late at Balmoral 

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed his father and brother when having dinner at Balmoral after the new King banned his wife from attending. Pictured: King Charles III and the Duke of Sussex walk alongside Princess Anne as they arrive at the committal service for the Queen at Windsor on September 19

‘Part of the issue was getting hold of the Duke of Sussex.’

Photos of Harry arriving at Balmoral by car showed the prince looking somber and downcast.

Once there, he reportedly snubbed dinner with the King in fury over Meghan not being allowed to join him at Balmoral. 

He reportedly ate with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, instead.

Others have denied these claims, with one source saying that ‘No invitation to dinner was made.’

Another added: ‘This is all less co-ordinated and more chaotic than people might think.

‘It was a hard and upsetting day for everyone.’ 

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