QAnon Rep Majorie Taylor Greene slams 's***hole' DC & says 'stupid royals' are distraction as Dems 'tear down freedoms'

QANON Representative Majorie Taylor Greene has slammed DC as a “sh**hole” and says the “stupid royals” are a distraction as Democrats "tear down freedoms."

Taylor-Greene launched the fiery tirade while speaking to Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast, which was banned from YouTube earlier this year after repeatedly violating the platform’s rules.

It came the day after the republican delayed the final vote on $1,400 stimulus checks, by filing a "motion to adjourn" on Wednesday morning.

She claimed her colleagues needed more time to discuss the bill, which she dubbed a "massive woke progressive Democrat wish list."

In the House, Greene officially tried to file her motion to adjourn the vote.

"This Congress is ramming through unbelievable things at a rapid pace," she said. "This must be stopped."

However, just hours after her appeal, 40 Republicans voted against the motion to adjourn.

Despite unsuccessfully gaining an official break in today's proceedings, the vote on the motion is likely to cause some delay in how quickly the final vote is made.

Speaking to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, the controversial republican said she held an outsider view of Congress, which she believed was “tearing down [Americans’] freedoms.

“It's like America is on fire right now,” she said.

Taylor-Greene believed the conservative media had been distracted by the Meghan Markle interview, rather than focusing on the issues at hand.

"Nobody cares about the stupid royals,” she said.

She went on to bag Washington DC, saying she “gave up an awesome life”, to move there.

“I'm not kidding you.”

“I gave up an American dream to come into this, what I consider to be a s***hole, excuse my language."

When Bannon asked if House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy or Taylor-Greene’s fellow House Republican Liz Cheney were coming to support, Taylor-Greene said she didn’t feel that she had support from leadership.

“Or I wouldn't have been removed [from my committees]…they stood back and let it happen,” she said.

"Dems going to use me to try and tear down other Republicans [in 2022]."

Taylor Greene had also recently caused a stir by calling the Democrats' efforts to pass new background check legislation an assault on Second Amendment rights.

"I mean our second amendment is one of our greatest rights," she said.

"In Atlanta…13 shootings…none of these criminals would sign up for a background check…they're going out and committing murder…they're going to murder…regardless of any gun control bills the Dems…" 

In the War Room interview, Taylor-Greene said the media makes her out to be a "horned scary lady".

She said this wasn’t true, that instead, she was a "momma bear" and had developed relationships with her colleagues who had previously not known what to expect of her. 

Bannon called her a "patriot" and a "hero" and praised her for standing up to the "swamp".

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