Shock moment plane passenger drags woman by hair and punches her as brawl breaks out 'over overhead lockers' on flight

THIS is the shocking moment a plane passenger dragged a woman by the hair and punched her as a brawl broke out "over a row about overhead locker space"' on a flight.

The vicious scuffle – filmed on a plane at Istanbul Airport in Turkey moments before it was due to take-off for Tunisia – delayed the flight by five hours.

Outrageous footage caught on Tunisair flight TU216 shows chaos erupt as several women grapple with each other as a flight attendant tries to shoo a male passenger down the aisle.

More passengers then become involved, with a woman in a white top starting to scream and shout as she pushes and hits others.

A group of women carry on lashing out at one another – both physically and verbally – as flight attendants desperately attempt to break up the fight and get control of the situation.

As the drama continues to unfold, the male passenger previously pushed away from the wrangle launches himself back down the aisle and violently grabs the hair of the woman in the white t-shirt while she has her backed turned.

He then pulls her backwards before punching in the head, keeping a tight grip of her hair.

A woman in a pink head scarf tries to pull the woman away from the man, who only releases his grip when an air steward gets involved.

The lady in the white top then begins screaming and waving her arms at the man who punched her, as she thrashes to free herself from the woman in the head scarf holding onto her.

As the clip ends, countless passengers can be seen stood up, screaming and shouting at each other.

After calm was eventually restored on the flight, it finally took off five hours later than scheduled.

It is thought the scrap broke out because a disagreement over overhead luggage space on the plane destined for Tunis-Carthage International Airport in Tunisia on April 10, according to Business News.

The airline has confirmed an investigation is underway into the violent incident.

Tunisair attendants were said to be insulted and physically attacked when they tried to intervene.

Cabin crew had to ask for the assistance of security teams to diffuse tensions before the plane was finally able to take off.

Airline spokesman Ghassen Ouji said: "This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company."

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