Sickening moment quad bike gang plow into granddad and four-year-old granddaughter before driving off laughing – The Sun

THIS is the sickening moment quad bike thugs plow into a granddad and his four-year-old granddaughter before driving off laughing.

The young girl is left sobbing as the callous thugs ride off roaring with laughter after the vicious attack in Doncaster.

In mobile phone footage they are targeted by the yobs after a woman in the group warns she will report the quad bikers for breaking lock-down rules.

The thugs suddenly surround the family and hurl abuse as the woman shouts "I am filming you".

But the bikers turn and charge head on at the granddad as he bravely steps forward into the path of the first bike, desperately gesturing with his arms for the rider to stop.

This makes no difference as there is a sickening crunch before the quad hurls him out of shot.


A woman filming also appears to be hit as a second quad bike fills the lens and the phone crashes to the ground.

The little girl does not appear in the footage but can be heard sobbing out of view.

The cowardly gang then make off standing up in their saddles and whooping with triumph.

South Yorkshire Police said: "Inquiries are on-going into a collision between two pedestrians and an off-road bike following an incident on May 5 at Selby Road in Askern, Doncaster.

"It is reported that while a family were out walking they were deliberately driven at by a rider on a quad bike.

"A 67-year-old man and a four-year-old girl both suffered minor injuries.


"This morning (6 May) warrants were conducted in Highfields and Adwick and two quad bikes believed to be involved in the incident have been seized.

"Work is on-going to locate the suspect. "

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 327 of 5 May 2020.

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