Viral video shows man stop in outside lane of M1 for a wee

A BRAZEN motorist stunned fellow drivers on the M1 when he stopped his car on the outside lane to have a wee.

Dashcam footage of the oblivious driver captured the moment he got out of his car and relieved himself as other vehicles whizzed past.

The mind-boggling incident took place in 2018 but the clip has recently resurfaced and gone viral.

A fellow motorist following the shameless driver was forced to perform an emergency stop on the M1 between Junction 24 and 24a in Leicester.

He then watched as the man flicked his hazard lights on and climbed out of his silver Nissan.

The culprit raised his hand and unzipped his trousers beside the central reservation.

The original owner of the video wrote: "Today I was coming back home via M1 and this happened, between J24A and J24, the driver stopped for a wee blocking whole M1 northbound because of his “needs”.

"He just passed the turn to Donnington services, why he didn’t stop there?
I hope he will be prosecuted for putting other lives in danger!


"Good the cars behind me were keeping distance as at 50mph with small gaps not so easy to stop without being involved in an accident."

Section 270 and 271 of The Highway Code reads: "You MUST NOT stop on the carriageway, hard shoulder, slip road, central reservation or verge except in an emergency, or when told to do so by the police, HA traffic officers in uniform, an emergency sign or by flashing red light signals.

"Do not stop on the hard shoulder to either make or receive mobile phone calls.

"You MUST NOT pick up or set down anyone, or walk on a motorway, except in an emergency."

After watching the video on Twitter, one user wrote: "Unbelievable. Now surely a person doing that should be banned for life from driving? yet he will be back on the road after a few months if suspended at all."

Another commented: "He's lucky that it did not result in a fatal crash, the guy had no consideration for other peoples lives. Hope he gets a hefty fine."

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, said: "There is simply no excuse for this. It is completely and utterly dangerous and could have ended far worse.

"Hopefully the driver can be tracked down and punished for his stupidity."

Drivers who pull stunts similar to this face face prosecution under a range of regulations, including dangerous driving, which can result in two years' imprisonment and an unlimited fine. 

In less serious cases they could face a careless driving conviction, which could result in an unlimited fine, a discretionary disqualification and between three and nine points on their licence.

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