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THE government's daily coronavirus briefing is expected to be held at 4 pm today, according to No.10. 

The daily briefing gives the latest updates to the public on how the government has been tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

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What time is the coronavirus press conference today?

The government's daily coronavirus press briefing will be held at 4 pm today.

How Can I watch?

Updates from the press briefing can be followed live on our coronavirus blog.

To watch the coronavirus briefing live you can find it on our live stream below.

Is Boris Johnson chairing it?

The Prime Minister returned to Downing Street last night and started work this morning.

The PM previously said he would return to work to lead the UK out of lockdown, but in his first speech, he refused to risk a second wave of cases by lifting restrictions too soon.

After already making his first speech today, there is a chance he could chair the press briefing tonight although Health Secretary Matt Hancock is also expected to speak.

In his first public appearance since battling coronavirus, the PM made a rallying cry outside No.10 that he would "refuse" to risk a second wave of cases by lifting restrictions too soon.

The Prime Minister also warned Brits against "lockdown impatience" as the country is at the stage of "maximum risk".

The PM hasn't been seen since he made a video statement to the nation on April 12 after spending a week in hospital fighting off the bug in intensive care.

In an address to the nation on the steps of Downing Street, he said the country was at the "moment of opportunity" where we could begin to "wrestle" the virus to the floor.

What happened in Sunday's press conference?

George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, hosted the briefing alongside Professor Stephen Powis and spoke about the UK's food supply chain.

Mr Eustice explained that while "at the beginning of the outbreak of this virus we saw significant problems in panic buying", food availability is now "back to normal levels".

Mr Eustice also said that half a million food parcels have been delivered to the most vulnerable Brits.

The Environment Secretary said: "So far, 500,000 parcels have been delivered to the shielded group, that is those who cannot leave home at all due to a clinical condition they have.

"And in addition, the major supermarkets have agreed to prioritise delivery slots for those in this shielded group. So far, over 300,000 such deliveries have been made, enabling people to shop normally and choose the goods they want to buy."

The NHS England Medical Director said that while the use of public transport had fallen consistently since the start of the pandemic, there has recently been a slight increase in the use of motor vehicles.

Mr Powis said: "There is maybe a hint of maybe a little bit of an increase in the use of motor vehicles, and, as I said yesterday, we need to ensure that this does not mean that we are not continuing to comply with the government instructions on social distancing."

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